I have thoroughly enjoyed my sketch book EP. When we had our first EP lesson I was terrified because I was going into a lesson of a project based around drawing and I didn’t think I could draw at all. I still don’t think I can draw in a classical way, but this process has let me see there are different ways in which you can draw and document things. If I put my mind to it my drawings don’t always come out completely terrible and with practice I will improve. I feel I have gained a better understanding of my thought process involving my creative side. I have learnt to think outside the box when viewing people, situations, actions, activities etc. Having to record your day to day life and make it interesting gave me a shove to do different things. This unit has let me search for beauty in my surroundings where I might not normally. I will continue to work on a rich sketch book and update my blog after the hand in tomorrow. I feel like there are still many ways in which I can push myself to create new things. 

I experimented with acrylic paint and water colours a few times in my sketch book but I would really like to do this more and on a bigger scale. When I was younger I painted a lot for fun, getting back into this would be great. I also used to use spray paint quite often. I would make stencils and spray them onto big boards of MDF. In my mother’s house she has one of my final pieces from before uni, going home over Christmas I noticed it. I remembered how much fun it was to do. I have not been able to afford spray paint recently but I plan to buy some in the future and mess around with it. I feel I should be experimenting with any type of medium I can.

I started to use the technique of no looking continuous line drawing in my other university projects. In my DRS project I am looking into lucid dreaming and I have decided to design a book with a bunch of my friends and families dreams in. I started to draw all the people I asked about their dreams in this way. I think it ties into the dream subject because you could almost have drawn them in your dreams, your eyes are focused on only the persons face. 

It has also given me the opportunity to start learning/improving how to use software like imovie, Photoshop and illustrator. I have had fun doing these things. Before I started university I had only ever used illustrator once with the help of a tutor in my art foundation. Concerned that I would never grasp the adobe software I started to play around with it. Finding the time to dedicate to doing this was hard and so I took my expanded practice as a challenge to do this.

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