87 bus

pen and water colour

Thursday 9th November

87 Bus from home to uni

Two Caribbean Ladies

Quite Large

Both wearing big detailed earnings

Black coats but slightly different coloured jeans from each other. One slightly faded and one pair quite dark.

Lady one had her hair in very neat singles

Lady two had her hair out in a short afro

Through the music playing in my head phones all i can hear is them laughing. They both had the complete same sense of humour.

They met in a hair salon in Vauxhall and realised they both lived minuets away from each other. This was 4 years ago and they have seen each other almost every single day since.

They both have 3 children all around the same age. They both agree on how a child should be brought up and both have the same very stricked parental rules.

There children don’t really get on very well but are forced into situations normally over food where they have to try and speak. They wouldn’t ever dare tell there mums they didn’t want to see the others children but they tried ways of getting of of these social occasions by feeling sick or having homework.

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