Christmas eve

I went on a walk around ‘Rushcliffe Country Park’ with one of my oldest friends Charlotte. I used to go to this park all the time when I was younger.

I remember the park being the biggest park in the world to me back then. I thought it was insane. I could spend hours in this park playing on the different things. When I saw it again I was shocked at how small it was compared to what I thought. It’s funny how the mind works. I was smaller so I found my surroundings bigger. Makes complete sense and also no sense at all!

Charlotte and I walked around the forest areas and the fields. We came across this maze made out of tires with a treasure box at the end. We completed the maze and when trying to get out found it hilarious that we both felt that we couldn’t walk over the tires to get out. We had to get out of the maze by following the trail even though it took us a while.

Burn your ex’s stuff

Walking from my house to a cafe I noticed these piles of tapes and books. It was obvious someone had tried to burn it all because there was a massive black patch from a fire.

My first thought was that someone must have been angry with someone, maybe an ex and they had tried to burn all there stuff. I spent quite a long time looking at everything because I thought it looked quite good, like a set in a film. I started thinking maybe it was a prank or something. ‘Why else would all this stuff be here?’

Dead flowers

I brought some flowers about a month ago. I didn’t realise until today that they have died. I was thinking about throwing them away but i actually quite like them this way.

I scanned them with my scanner and I find the results really fun!


Before we all go back home for the Christmas break a group of us went bowling in Elephant and Castle. Most of us were terrible but it was hilarious. You can buy big jugs of beer. They went down well!

A night in the bumhole

My friends have a basement under their house in New Cross. They call it their ‘bumhole’. This is probably because you have to go down a tight stair case and you are then submersed in a dark grungy hole of a room.


I found this disco ball in the Royal Festival Hall. I was watching it spin for ages before taking these pictures. I love the way disco balls catch the light and dance around the room giving the setting for people to dance around the room themselves.