Caitlin has always been one of my favourite people to draw. Her face is completely symmetrical and gorgeous. In art foundation me and Caitlin would spend a lot of time drawing each other in the way I have here. This is a way I draw a lot. I think the results are  fascinating. You also notice so much by not taking your eyes off something. You realise things about somethings true shape and figure.


Today I traveled to Glasgow to see one of my best friends. She’e been at uni at Glasgow School of the Arts for two years now and this is the first chance I have been to visit her. I flew into Glasgow and she picked me up.

Glasgow is beautiful. I absolutely love their accent.

We went to the Botanical Gardens. They were lovely. It felt like being transported back to humid Cost Rica at one point.

Green is my favourite colour and I was surrounded by looming green plants and twining leaves.  It was the best place to catch up with Cait.

view from the plane


I went into tesco and saw these bananas being sold for 22p. This is disgusting and sad. Bananas used to be so much less. In some shops there 10p or 12p but 22p is ridiculous.

I used water colour in one painting of the bananas and sharpies for the other.

Collective researching

In our EP lesson today we spilt the class into two halves and gathered our best bits of research from the trip to Portobello Road Market. We then edited them all together to create a collage of work.

It was interesting to see how other people had recorded their experiences. It was also great to see how different drawings and photographs could compliment each other. It gave me a lot of inspiration for the rest of my sketchbook.