My halloween was fun. I went to leeds with my flat mate Shannon to see a friend from home Callum. We drew eyes on our eye lids to freak people out. It worked, it looked very spooky.


Trip to the Museum of Brands.

I don’t really like the way this museum is set out. I found it quite boring to walk around but the content was fascinating.


I drew these images at home from photos instead of while at the museum. I don’t like to draw in front of people as i am not a confident drawer. I like to be able to study an object and concentrate without having anyone looking at what I am doing.

My Room

my window in dark
my window
my room
my window from the outside

My room is a place I spend alot of time in. I think it represents me. You can tell alot about someone from there room. It may be quite a new place to me but it felt like my own space straight away.


Portobello Road Market

trelick tower
trelick tower
James Wright
James Wright
stall drawing and car photo collage

brum brum
hairy eyes
box of cameras


My first visit to Portobello Road Market was busy, colourful and fun. I love the rush of people, the different people you see and all the things you can find.

I brought a Whitney Houston record and a Flintstone mug from one of the little stalls.

The London Underground

I spend a lot of time on the tube. I enjoy watching people and wondering what their lives are like and who they are. Sometimes I make up stories about them and sometimes I draw them.


edited on photoshop and stitched into
Friday 27th October – 4:40pm Northern Line From Waterloo Blond Lady – British – White Mid / Late 60’s Thin Jeans (light), Quite trashed brown loafers, Black Barber Jacket, Black Jumper. No Make up Vainey hands Keeps checking her watch, she needs to be back for her grandchildren Harry and Karlie. She hasn’t always lived in London. She moved her 5 years ago and before this has lived in Glastonbury all her life. She would visit London as a little girl a lot as her Uncle lived here. Her two children Mather and Sarah have both lived in London for a long time now and she decided when her husband died it would be good to move closer to them. This also meant she could help Sarah bring up Harry who was 3 at the time. She now looks after both Harry and his sister Karlie every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday evening. Sarah and her husband work late on these days. Her son Mathew lives in Marble Arch with his girlfriend. He has never been the type to settle down, having many girlfriends as he grew up but now he’s moved in with one and seems to be happy. She gets off at Clapham North at 4.48pm which is making good time to get to the school for 5.15pm.
the man who kept moving
clapham common – bank

The London Underground

old man looking at phone
three boys


Stockwell – Brixton

No looking continuous line drawing. I started to draw in this way in art foundation when we had life drawing classes. I think the results you can get from this are extraordinary.


drawn shadow
sketch book
leaves outside my door
walking in leaves
















This time of the year is one of my favourites. The floor is filled with a layer of beautiful golden crispy crunch.

Rain on a Taxi Window

First sketchbook pages of rainy window ft drawings of my drunk self overlaid
Photoshop mess around
Rain on the taxi window



Wet bikes Sad bikes

I find the street lights shining on the rain drops of the window of my taxi quite beautiful.

Extended Practice

In my extended practice sketch book I would like to experiment with different mediums and record my day to day life. I plan for this project to be a way of exploring a number of new ways to draw, photograph, film and document. I already keep a dream journal, a personal diary a sketch book and have many photo albums. Being able to look back on memories through text and photography is very important to me so I am excited to find new ways to do this.

I have never used a blog before so am very excited and also nervous to start one.  I aim to keep up with the blog after I hand in for this unit in January.