I hope my expanded practice sketchbook will be a way of learning different ways to record things. I hope to alow myself to get creative and let myself try out a number of different techniques. I will start by collecting things I find dat to day, remembering things, photographing, drawing and filming. I plan to see development in how I view my surroundings.

I have always kept a number of recordings of my life; a dream journal, personal diary, a food diary and have made a number of photo books. This unit lets all these things meet and lets me present them in a blog, which I something I have never used before.


I forget about my polaroid camera sometimes. The pictures always come out so well and they keep as amazing reminders of good memories. I always put the dates on the bottom of them so I know when they were taken.

These photographs were taken last night when I met up with some friends for some lovely food and drinks. We had Mexican food in Dalston and then went to a little bar. I’m doing dry January so I wasn’t drinking which saved me money but was quite hard!

This car is always parked on the street my house is on. I see it everyday multiple times. Each time I see it i think ‘I wonder what the person who owns it is like?’ I never ever see him or her.

I know someone owns it as it is always in slightly different positions and angles. Somebody is driving it and parking it. A couple of times I have come home or left my house and it hasn’t been there but never have I seen somebody in it. I would really like to put a face to the car.

87 bus

pen and water colour

Thursday 9th November

87 Bus from home to uni

Two Caribbean Ladies

Quite Large

Both wearing big detailed earnings

Black coats but slightly different coloured jeans from each other. One slightly faded and one pair quite dark.

Lady one had her hair in very neat singles

Lady two had her hair out in a short afro

Through the music playing in my head phones all i can hear is them laughing. They both had the complete same sense of humour.

They met in a hair salon in Vauxhall and realised they both lived minuets away from each other. This was 4 years ago and they have seen each other almost every single day since.

They both have 3 children all around the same age. They both agree on how a child should be brought up and both have the same very stricked parental rules.

There children don’t really get on very well but are forced into situations normally over food where they have to try and speak. They wouldn’t ever dare tell there mums they didn’t want to see the others children but they tried ways of getting of of these social occasions by feeling sick or having homework.

Old v new

Its amazing how London gives you such diversity in it’s buildings. You see old brick buildings next to or in front of massive modern tower blocks made of glass and metal. The comparison can make for an extraordinary photo. These are some of the buildings I have noticed with this old verses new juxtaposition.


Buildings. We aren’t short of remarkable buildings in London. They can be works of art, with architecture getting more and more creative. Today I went out and set myself time to actually look at buildings while walking around. These are some that particularly caught my eye. I found it crazy how many buildings i saw that I could really appreciate in such a small amount of time.


From the 27th of December to the 2nd of January I was in hospital. I had an asthma attack and was then not getting enough oxygen for a few days. While I was there I didn’t do much apart from sleep and talk to nurses. I tried to draw but found it extremely boring. I had no desire to record what I was doing because I wasn’t doing anything. I have one photo on my camera roll and that is the photo below taken in A&E.

Christmas eve

I went on a walk around ‘Rushcliffe Country Park’ with one of my oldest friends Charlotte. I used to go to this park all the time when I was younger.

I remember the park being the biggest park in the world to me back then. I thought it was insane. I could spend hours in this park playing on the different things. When I saw it again I was shocked at how small it was compared to what I thought. It’s funny how the mind works. I was smaller so I found my surroundings bigger. Makes complete sense and also no sense at all!

Charlotte and I walked around the forest areas and the fields. We came across this maze made out of tires with a treasure box at the end. We completed the maze and when trying to get out found it hilarious that we both felt that we couldn’t walk over the tires to get out. We had to get out of the maze by following the trail even though it took us a while.